Bryce Wilson is a skilled and experienced professional from Melbourne, Australia. Bryce’s photography, photojournalism, and documentary filmmaking work has been seen around the world. Bryce currently works as a Data Engineer in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence/machine learning in retail environments.

Professional Experience

Bryce Wilson has over 10 years of professional experience in a diverse range of roles: marketing and communications, public relations, data engineering, the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, web design, journalism, conflict correspondence, and documentary filmmaking.


Bryce’s photography and documentary filmmaking work has been focused on covering the war in Ukraine’s east since 2015. He was the first Australian journalist to embed with the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian special forces. He has worked with the United Nations (World Food Programme, and UNHCR), Danish Demining Group/Refugee Council, and various other international NGOs.

Bryce Wilson’s Blog

Bryce’s blog is where you can find published content covering a range of topics related to photography, film development and digitisation, camera equipment and software, literature, podcasts, games, and more. Click here to read more.